Alexandra Charles (United Kingdom)


Alexandra Charles, 36, is a man who identifies as a woman. He was recently jailed for harassing Dr. Brian Mayou, founder of the Cadogan Clinic, 120 Sloane Street, Belgravia. On April 5, last year Dr. Mayou received ten calls from an unknown number, but the voice of Charles was identified leaving threatening messages such as:

“I’ll be coming to see you. I want to know what you have done to my ears, you are going to pay for this.”
“I’m planning what I am going to do, I’m going to strip everything off you, you f****** b******, you f****** s***.

Charles also mentioned Dr Mayou’s wife and daughters, calling one of his girls a “pig” and a “slut” and branding the surgeon a “kiddie fiddler.”

The doctor was also forced to apply for fifty online posts to be removed from three different websites, which contained content such as: “He’s a paedophile and needs to be locked up.”

Charles previously jumped bail after telling the court: “I am halfway through a sex-change and sending me to a male penitentiary would be sexual abuse.”  

Plastic surgeon’s career in tatters after transsexual patient falsely claims he botched ear operation – Telegraph.


2 thoughts on “Alexandra Charles (United Kingdom)

  1. Ear surgery, “facial feminization” for MTFs, “top surgery”, “bottom surgery”, GnRH agonists for 12 year old “trans kids”, etc., etc.


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