Just Report Abuse, That Will Shut Women Up

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

The Transgender Law Center has noticed that some Transgender people get overwrought when making comments on articles, blogs, and other places on the Internet.

I am guessing they’ve noticed things like Transgender people threatening to rape and kill Women and Feminists.

Here, from the Transgender Law Center, are the 7 Tips: Responding to Transphobia Online!

1. Do not comment when you are angry or heated.

2. Do not engage in “flame wars” or arguments.

3. Respond to general themes in the thread.

4. Be compassionate.

5. Use evidence for added strength.

6. Stay positive, and give messages of support to youth who may be reading the comments.

7. In extreme cases, report or flag transphobic comments to the social network or news outlet for removal.

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