Scottish Prison Service @scottishprisons & Paris Green (Scotland)

SPS chief executive Colin McConnell

SPS chief executive Colin McConnell

Paris Green, 22 — born Peter Laing — lured Robert Shankland back to his flat before brutally murdering him with Kevin McDonagh, 23, and Dean Smith, 20. He is serving his 18-year sentence in a women’s prison because he says he is a woman. In addition to being house with women, the Scottish Prison Service allows transsexual and transgender prisoner “additional property” including ladies’ clothing such as dresses and underwear. Such men also may have access to make-up and wigs.

Male prisoners who consider themselves women can request a move to a female prison, regardless of whether they have had surgical procedures and can also decide whether rubdowns or strip searches are carried out by male or female prison officers.

SPS chief executive Colin McConnell believes treating everyone with dignity and respect should be an aspiration for all in the prison service. This apparently applies to incarcerated men only, as the incarcerated women housed with them, as well as the female correctional staff, seem to have no say in the matter. McConnell seems oblivious to the fact that Women don’t want to be housed with Men, or forced to strip search them.

Scottish Prison Service providing ‘cushy’ life for sex-swap killer Paris Green, family claim – Fife : Local : News : The Courier.

SPS Gender Identity & Gender Reassignment Policy 2014.


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