National Coalition of Men (USA)


Harry Crouch

A Men’s Right’s group is objecting to Glendale, California offering free self-defense classes to women only, saying the city is violating federal and state civil rights laws that protect against sexual discrimination. The National Coalition for Men outlined its opposition in a letter sent this month to city officials.

For years, Glendale’s Commission on the Status of Women has held self-defense classes in April on city property for women and girls in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This is the first time the National Coalition for Men, which was established in 1977, has sent a letter asking the city to open the classes to men and boys. According to the letter, the classes, which are set to take place in the Glendale Police Department’s community room twice next month, “violate a host of federal and California anti-discrimination laws.”

In the letter, Crouch echoes the arguments of many transwomen activists who also seek to access-women-only space.

Men’s group objects to women’s self-defense classes in Glendale – latimes.

Letter challenges Glendale’s women’s self-defense classes – Glendale News Press.


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