.@samanthalauzon @BuzzFeed #COCKINASOCK (Internet)


Samantha D. Lauzon is a man who felt that the Internet meme #COCKINASOCK did not adequately represent Men who identify as Women. Thus, he posted the selfie above of his cock in a sock.

Testicular cancer is a Male issue – Men and Transwomen are both male.

Lauzon denied that he is male on Twitter, but acknowledges it here.






23 thoughts on “.@samanthalauzon @BuzzFeed #COCKINASOCK (Internet)

  1. “Then there is the fact is that even the American Cancer Society doesn’t adequately
    account for trans* vulnerability with their continued gendering of cancer, as shown
    here in their overview of ovarian cancer for women. As with trans* women who are
    susceptible to prostate and testicular cancer, trans* men are also at risk for being
    stricken with breast and ovarian cancer, yet their visibility is minimal at best.”


    In other words, males get prostate and testicular cancer and females get ovarian cancer. I don’t understand the statement, “even the American Cancer Society doesn’t adequately
    account for trans* vulnerability with their continued gendering of cancer.” The American Cancer Society has a lot of information on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.

    Denying they are male and neglecting to get regular check ups because they might have to say, “Dr. I have a lump in my testicle”.

    The prostate is not an external organ. It’s not removed during sex reassignment surgery. Isn’t it kind of strange when males say they are “women”, and they conveniently forget that they still have a prostate even if they get their testicles cut off.

    Even after sex-reassignment-surgery, transgender identified males still need to get screened for prostate cancer annually (beginning at age 40 for African Americans, beginning at 50 for others).


  2. If you’re going to use my image and the article it was posted from. THE least you can do is post the LINK to said Article for your readers to see for themselves. Thank you for the mention therefore furthering the progressiveness of this this campaign. #ThankYoufortheSHOUTOUT #LOL



  3. If you’re going to use my image and the article it was posted from. THE least you can do is post the LINK to said Article for your readers to see for themselves. Thank you for the mention therefore furthering the progressiveness of this this campaign. #ThankYoufortheSHOUTOUT #LOL



  4. Also YOU do not have the right to use the OWN feat. This is a copyrighted image belonging to CORUS Ent. and it’s affiliates at the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) without previous WRITTEN consent you may not POST/COPY or distribute links/posts etc regarding this copyrighted image/film.


  5. Exactly why educate with facts when you can just spread ignorance of your own making and that of the transphobic society you are among. Remind yourself I have NOT given permission to use my name or image on your “blog” and therefore have legal rights of action against it.


  6. That whole thread above is fucking hideous! Why would you keep it up on the site and not be PROFESSIONAL about it and leave this matter in your email inboxes? UNPROFESSIONAL.

    Re: the claims etc…. Samantha, You wanted exposure. Don’t get on your high horse and ask for permission or royalties. If indeed that picture is on twitter or instagram, it is NOT your image anymore. Read the terms and conditions of social media sites.

    I cannot believe you! I was proud in what you were doing until i saw all the other bullshit we didn’t need to see. PROFESSIONALISM goes a LONG way.


  7. Male transgender activists have shamelessly co-opted just about everything from intersex individuals to two spirit native persons to Rosie the Riveter. Under the special “Trans Umbrella”, there isn’t anyone who isn’t co-opted. Every major intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender. Trans activists still act as if trans and intersex (disorders of sexual development) are the same. Notice the stereotypical image of native persons, a feather, dangling from the “Trans Umbrella”. White middle aged autogynephiles are not the same as native or first nations persons.


    It’s bad enough that trans activists shamelessly co-opt intersex individuals and native persons and tribes, they also appropriate feminists symbols and women’s history. For example, Rosie the Riveter had nothing to do with transgender. Scroll down to “The Final Wave”. See the graphic. That is Rosie the Riveter. These women are our grandmothers, and they weren’t men in drag. Male trans activists crap all over second wave feminism. These are the women who gave us access to birth control and reproductive rights. Some trans “historians” even state that Joan of Arc was transgender because she liked to ride horse and fight along side men. See this graphic of “trans feminism”. The clinched fist inside the women’s symbol is straight out of second wave feminism. Male transgender activists steal second wave feminists symbols.


    There is no such thing as trans feminism because (1.) males are not female (2.) as to FTM (biological females who “transition”), how can the erasing of female identity be a feminist issue. We are socially losing female identity, and healthy female reproductive systems are being radically altered. Let me repeat this so it sinks it. There is no such thing as “trans feminism”.

    Male transgender activists are in the process of colonizing pretty much everyone they come in contact with. Now, “Cock in Sock” whines because he doesn’t want people to see his lovely photograph that he plasters online so that all people everywhere can admire his lovely sock.

    Nothing that “Cock in Sock” says will force people to believe that males are female. Even if he gets his testicles removed, he will still have his prostate. He shouldn’t ignore his health. I thought that this was general gist of the article.


      • It’s funny how actual women aren’t threatened by whether or not people on the internet think they are female. The level of self-hatred runs pretty deep where you’re able to put a sock on your penis and declare to the internet that you are female. Sometimes I feel trans politics is a big troll. Like, this is a joke, right?


  8. “I hope these transphobic fuckbrains saying trans women/womyn aren’t female get cancer and realize on their deathbed what hate-filled sacks of shit they are.”

    I would never wish cancer on Mr. Cock in Sock or any other male. I don’t wish cancer on anyone. Mr. Cock in Sock is upset because campaigns to bring awareness to prostate and testicular cancer aren’t bending over backwards to accommodate delusional males who think they have female anatomy. Apparently, Mr. Cock in Sock wants the American Cancer Society to force doctors to call some males “women” or “Miss” when they are undergoing digital rectal exams to check out their prostate. Is Mr. Cock in Sock going to pitch a hissy fit if doctors mistakenly call males “he”.

    Prostate: PSA is falsely low in androgen-deficient setting, even in presence of cancer; only consider PSA screening in high risk patients. Use a digital rectal exam to evaluate the prostate in all transwomen. (Grade C)


    Is Mr. Cock in Sock going to force gynecologists to learn every surgical procedure and potential complications arising from sex reassignment surgery. Gynecologists aren’t plastic surgeons.

    “Pap smears in neovaginas are not indicated; the neovagina is lined with keratinized epithelium and cannot be evaluated with a Pap smear. Perform periodic visual inspection with a speculum, looking for genital warts, erosions, and other lesions. If STI is suspected, do a culture swab, not PCR. Neovaginal walls are usually skin, not mucosa; when it is mucosa, it is urethral or colon mucosa. (*skin from the penis is used to line the “neovagina” – sometimes whey use a section of the colon)”

    Males are not female, and we refuse to be willing participants in a male fantasy. The man with the sock on his penis is not a woman. No matter what they do, people just aren’t buying into this. Mr. Cock in Sock writes an article essentially telling everyone contradictory statements that make no sense. For example, because they are still MALE, they have a prostate gland. The prostate gland isn’t removed during sex reassignment surgery. Many males who identify as “women” don’t undergo sex reassignment surgery. On one hand, Mr. Cock in Sock reminds males that they need regular check ups like all men (think testicular cancer and prostate cancer). I agree that males shouldn’t ignore their health. Then, he prattles on about how males who identify as “women” must be recognized as women. Women do not have male reproductive systems. A prostate gland is not a female organ, and it’s left intact after sex reassignment surgery. If SRS removed the prostate, urinary incontinence could be a major problem.

    Most people don’t realize what “sex reassignment surgery” entails. When people hear the words, “sex reassignment surgery”, they think that males are now female. The more people know what is actually going on, the more they realize it’s all an elaborate ruse. It does NOT change one’s sex, and I’m not just talking about genetics. For all practical purposes, SRS basically amounts to elective plastic surgery on healthy genitals. Skin from the penis is used to line the “neovagina” which is essentially an artificially created cavity in the human body. Occasionally, a section of the colon is used to create a “neovagina”. A vagina is an actual organ that is part of the female reproductive system, and it’s NOT lined with skin from a penis. A vagina is connected to the rest of the female reproductive system. Because all wounds in the body tend to constrict, a “neovagina” has to be dilated for the life time of the patient.

    The human body is remarkable in its complexity and all people deserve access to health care and basic human dignity, but males are not female. Even when they mutilate their healthy male genitalia, they are not women.

    I hope Mr. Cock in Sock lives to be an old man, and I hope he gets his prostate checked out.


  9. “Trans women are female. That’s why they’re called trans WOMEN”

    I could call myself a giraffe. It doesn’t mean I am one. There are some people who call themselves Napoleon, Julius Caesar , or some other famous dead person. These people are usually on medication for their delusional thinking.

    Males are not female. Adult females are called women. Males who call themselves “women” expect everyone to participate in their fantasy. Truth be told, deep down in our hearts, the majority of women aren’t buying it. Many women just go along with their delusional rants because women are socially conditioned to be polite. This and other blogs say what most women wish they had the courage to say.


  10. “Trans women are female. That’s why they’re called trans WOMEN. Duh.”

    Duh, I could call myself a pretty pink unicorn or Joan or Arc, but it doesn’t mean it’s true. I’m a pink unicorn who lives in the magical forest. I can fly through the sky by just pretending. If I said this long enough, I could be locked up somewhere. People who actually believe this usually are on medication.

    Mr. Cock in Sock is upset because people won’t recognize his penis as being “womanly”.

    Males are not female. Adult females are called women. Males are not female or women. I could care less if someone identifies as transgender, but drop the “woman”.

    The only reason that the majority of women play along with this fantasy is because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The more women pander to these males, the bolder they get.


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