Natasha Choli (Canada)

Choli_doctor_note (1)

Natasha Choli, a transwoman, claims to have been kicked out of a women’s restroom at Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada. Choli’s experience at Casino Rama parallels an incident reported in March 2008 at the casino. Trans woman Carol Ann Kotsopoulos told the Ontario Human Rights Commission that security staff forcibly escorted her out of a women’s washroom. The commission threw out the complaint because it was filed three months after the 12-month deadline.

Sex change woman ‘humiliated’ at Rama _ Toronto & GTA _ News _ Toronto Sun.

Kotsopoulos Case Dismissed.

Casino Rama allegedly kicks trans woman out of washroom _ Daily Xtra.


One thought on “Natasha Choli (Canada)

  1. These people are insane (and I admit that I used to be insane). Using women’s restroom is part of ongoing fantasy validation. Launching lawsuit after (correctly) being kicked out is just narcissistic and sociopathic opportunism.


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