Shannon Grooms @samanthalauzon & @BuzzFeed (Internet)

1Shannon Grooms is a person who lives in Oakland, California. She recently wrote an article about Samantha D. Lauzon, a transgender woman who posted a photo of himself online with a sock on his penis. Now Grooms suggests, in a petition, that people are reporting Lauzon’s photo on Facebook for being pornographic. Grooms writes, “In petitioning Facebook to amend their policies as it refers to harassment and reporting, especially when people abuse the reporting policy as a form of harassment and discrimination, you will be acknowledging that Samantha, or any trans* person, should receive the same treatment and respect that the millions of cisgender users enjoy every day.” Grooms suggests that this blog is a hate group for observing Lauzon’s photo and noting that males have penises. Grooms also posits that people should not have the right to report a photo of a male with a sock on his penis as porn.

We support sex-specific health care, and support testicular cancer awareness for all males, which includes transwomen.

Petition | Amend the Reporting Guidelines, to be more Transgender Protective. |




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