Monica Jones (USA)


Monica Jones was found guilty of manifesting an intent to commit or solicit an act of prostitution in a public place.  Among the circumstances that may be considered in determining whether such an intent is manifested are that the person repeatedly beckons to, stops or attempts to stop or engage passersby in conversation or repeatedly, stops or attempts to stop, motor vehicle operators by hailing, waiving of arms or any other bodily gesture; that the person inquires whether a potential patron, procurer or prostitute is a police officer or searches for articles that would identify a police officer; or that the person requests the touching or exposure of genitals or female breast.

Jones is a sex-positive man who identifies as a woman, and he wanted to take down a project aimed at helping women exit prostitution.

Phoenix Municipal Code 23-52 Prostitution, soliciting an act of prostitution and related offenses.

Transgender woman is convicted of prostitution-related charge.


2 thoughts on “Monica Jones (USA)

  1. How does prostitution empower anyone except the pimps and criminal organizations that traffic women and children?

    What has Monica Jones done to help women, children, and prostituted males exit a “profession” that can either infect them with HIV or result in violence or death at the hands of Johns and pimps?

    Any person who would encourage the subjugation of other people isn’t some kind of humanitarian.


  2. One of the main reasons that transgender activists have more money and influence than feminists is because it’s no secret that they are funded by the lucrative sex industry. Every year at the large Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, there are always people from the porn industry. They were there last year too. Even though transwomen who are involved in prostitution or sex work have high rates of HIV and are often beaten and occasionally murdered by their johns or pimps, they aren’t about to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Last year the Philly Trans Health Conference had representatives from the porn industry. This is from the upcoming 2014 conference.

    Becoming A Professional Dominatrix

    How to get training in Domination – by sessions with a Pro Domme, or taking a course / Pro Workshop.4. How to set up your first ad. Your first client. Incalls / outcalls. Working in your apartment / house vs. in a private dungeon; working in a hotel vs. in a client’s home / apartment.5. How to minimize your risk / maximize your potential while doing Pro Domme work. Building a client list, screening new clients, handling yourself.6. How to do affiliate marketing – creating your own website, starting a phone service (NiteFlirt), doing videos, attending conferences, running workshops.7. Maintaining health / safety as a Pro Domme. How to avoid repetitive stress injuries and keep your health intact. How to deal with trauma and triggers.

    Finding Your Footing As A Beginning Dominatrix

    Leather, Lace and Lavender: Herbal First Aid for Sex Workers

    This workshop is for sex workers of all types and their allies to learn about how they can incorporate herbs into their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We will cover herbs that can be used to calm your nerves if you had a difficult client as well as herbs that can be used to help protect against yeast infections, STDs, and STIs. We will learn how to make herbal enemas and douches, DIY lubes and salves for bruises, cuts and scrapes. (*I didn’t know that herbs could prevent the spread of HIV, STD, of Hepatitis B and C.)

    Trans Representation in Porn

    Screening of a variety of porn clips across the transsexual porn genre including mainstream and small independent productions featuring transsexual men and women in porn. Discussion afterwards led by Tobi Hill Myer and James Darling to answer questions about representation, the directions transsexual porn is moving into, what we as trans people would like to see change or expand, and how we would like to see ourselves represented and what it means to erotically celebrate trans people in hot and affirming ways.


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