Rena Miller (USA)

Rena Miller is a male student at the University of Delaware who is circulating a “Survey for Research towards Transgenders and Feminist Interactions – Students Version”  The survey does not include the purpose of the research, the name of the supervising instructor of the project, a complete informed consent statement, and a list of definitions for subjective terms used in the survey.  The survey fails as a tool for studying and examining a topic.

The survey seems more like a phishing exercise than an exercise designed to “study” an issue, particularly in its use of the slur TERF.  Further, the survey suggests that academic standards have fallen quite low in the post-modern era.

—– Forwarded message from “Rena Miller” <> —–
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 15:46:24 +0000
Subject: Survey and Potential Research Interview for Feminist Research
To: bugbrennan
Hello Miss Brennan,I would like to extend the attached survey to you and to the TERF movement as well as an opportunity to participate in research towards answering the question:
What is the status of Transgender and Feminism Advocacy Movements in relation to each other?
If you wouldn’t mind filling it out that would be great, if you have others you would recommend this survey to, please do ask them as well or send me their email.
Further, if you have time for an interview please give a time and date or itcan be done by email withinitial questions and follow ups.Thank you,
Rena Miller

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