Alaska Thunderfuck @Alaska5000 @noahmichelson

Alaska Thunderfuck has made a hilarious video mocking transgender women activists.  As expected, transgender women activists have expressed outrage because the video culminates in Thunderfuck aiming a hair dryer at the character Joy Less because Joy Less is a miserable person.



Heterosexual man Parker Molloy, who writes for The Advocate, has called for HuffPost Gay editor Noah Michelson to be fired for posting this video on HuffPost Gay. Molloy believes he has a right to do this because he has identified as a woman for 5 minutes and is now a lesbian.

It is refreshing to see how Heterosexual Men who identify as lesbians try to censor Gay Men, as heretofore said heterosexual men have focused all of their attention on Lesbians.  The dust up also illustrates that the GLBT Umbrella now includes straight people with (1) no understanding of Gay culture and (2) no sense of humor.

UPDATE: HuffPost Gay gave in to the demands of heterosexual men and removed the video.

fuck you



fuck you

Parker Molloy thinks this guy looks like him.

Parker Molloy thinks this guy looks like him.

Alaska Thunderfuck Releases ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 76’ (VIDEO).


5 thoughts on “Alaska Thunderfuck @Alaska5000 @noahmichelson

  1. Someone needs to fire Parker Malloy for being a histrionic, humor-less, self-important heterosexual guy in a dress who thinks that being a pretend “lesbian” for five minutes gives him the right to police the entire gay and lesbian community, including his elders who have been fighting for gay/lesbian rights for half a century or longer. Fuck him.


  2. As a national organization that works with our transgender youth, there is nothing humorous about trans violence. The depiction of gunshots and the bullet hole in the head of a “real” trans person who has differing views is wrong. There is no condoning this. It is abhorrent, senseless and stupid.


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