Philadelphia Trans Health Conference @MazzoniCenter @Tobitastic @ZilGoldstein

The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference will take place June 12-14 in Philadelphia. Registration is free, and we encourage as many gender critical folks as possible to register for the event.  The conference is put on by the Mazzoni Center, a factory trans service provider with a vested financial interest in getting as many people as possible to spend their money to transition. The conference features several disturbing sessions, including:

Male pornographer Tobi Hill-Meyer promoting the Cotton Ceiling and the idea that lesbian sexuality is a form of bigotry because lesbians don’t engage sexually with male like him (or males at all).


A session promoting the use of illegal silicone to achieve a more “feminine” appearance, an extremely dangerous practice that has led to several deaths of transwomen.



More sessions appear here. We’ve also uploaded PDFs:

Session Schedule _ Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference 2.

Session Schedule _ Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference 1.

Session Schedule _ Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference.

Thanks to @GenderCrit fo surfacing these disturbing workshops.



3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Trans Health Conference @MazzoniCenter @Tobitastic @ZilGoldstein

  1. Every year the annual Philly Trans Health Conference has people from the porn industry. There were there last year, and the year before that.

    They always have the plastic surgeons and doctors who push GnRH agonists.

    Gender Google II: Questions and Answers Regarding Children Ages 12 and Under

    Type of Workshop: Guided Discussion


    When should I talk to my child’s doctor about puberty blockers? Should I let my kid socially transition?

    Presenter 1 Information

    Johanna Olson, MD

    Johanna Olson, MD, is the medical director of the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She has been working with gender-nonconforming children and transgender adolescents for the past six years, providing them with puberty blockers and hormone therapy. Board certified in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, Dr. Olson has been an assistant professor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for the past five years. She speaks around the country and has appeared several times on national television to educate audiences about the needs of transgender youth.


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