Rebekah Brewis (USA)


Rebekah Brewis sued the Oregon prison system in 2011 for failing to treat him for gender identity disorder. Brewis castrated himself in his cell in 2007, using nail clippers to cut out his testicles.  The case was mooted when Brewis was released.

Oregon State Hospital discrimination lawsuit put on back burner _ Statesman Journal _ statesmanjournal.

Oregon State Hospital discrimination lawsuit put on back burner _ Statesman Journal _ statesmanjournal. 2pdf.

Mental Health Association of Portland » Blog Archive » Transgender patient alleges discrimination at Oregon State Hospital.


3 thoughts on “Rebekah Brewis (USA)

  1. According to the article,

    “As Brewis tells it, the hospital violated her rights by housing her on an
    all-male ward and subjecting her to around-the-clock staff monitoring.”

    Why would they put him on an all-male ward? He was put on an all-male ward because he is a male. Placing males on a female ward would subject female patients to undo hardship, threats to their safety, and emotional stress.

    The facility in question is a large state run inpatient mental facility. People aren’t sent to this facility unless they have serious mental health issues. This was the famous, or infamous, depending on how people look at it, mental hospital where the movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was filmed. The facility has a rather interesting history.

    EVERY FEMALE PATIENT should file an ADA Request For Reasonable Accommodation stating that having to share close quarters with a male would cause them severe psychological distress and emotional suffering. Finding female mental health patients with some history of abuse or PTSD should not be that difficult. Because most of the female patients have a history of mental illness and either are on some type of disability like SSI or SDI, they probably would have no problem proving that they are disabled. It’s my understanding that “gender identity” is not considered a disability for the purposes of ADA whereas PTSD in females could be considered a disability. That is, unless the “gender identity” is caused by an actual medical or physical condtion. There is nothing in this article that says that Brewis has a disorder of sexual development. The vast majority of transgender identified people have no DSD. For all practical purposes, it’s a psychological disorder. Well, so is PTSD in female psychiatric patients.

    Why is one psychiatric diagnosis (gender identity) in a biological male more important than PTSD in females? There is no way anyone can prove one is more important than another.

    We saw what happened when males are allowed in women’s shelters. Google Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook.


  2. Studies have also been done that show with increased stimulation, a castrated man can actually get an erection, have sex, and orgasm (although ejaculate which would be minimal in volume and not contain any sperm).

    Can a male still get an erection if his testes are removed

    Yup, it still can. Testicles are only needed for sperm production.

    Sexual interest and activity decrease following castration. We determined by objective criteria the erectile status of 16 men who were sexually active before castration for prostatic cancer. Castration was achieved by orchiectomy or hormonal manipulation. Patients answered a questionnaire regarding the medical status and erectile function before and after castration, and the blood level of testosterone was assessed. During viewing of an erotic videotape penile circumference and erection quality were monitored. Four patients (25%) achieved functional erection. Mean serum free testosterone levels in men who achieved erection were 1.125 +/- 0.362 pg./ml. (standard deviation) and 0.628 +/- 0.098 pg./ml. in those not achieving functional erection (p < 0.001). No statistically significant difference was noted in age, interval since castration, co-morbidity score or method of castration between the men who did and did not achieve erection.


  3. Brewis spent time in Oregon’s juvenile corrections system for stealing a car and fleeing from police.

    Later, Brewis was sentenced to 70 months in the adult prison system for robbery. Behind bars, Brewis had numerous conflicts with inmates and corrections officers, and the original sentence was extended by a series of offenses, including assault and supplying contraband.

    The state Psychiatric Security Review Board recently authorized the hospital to move forward with a plan to place her in a group home in Portland. (***group homes have less supervision than state mental hospitals).

    I feel sorry for him, but female patients should not be forced to share a bedroom or restroom with him. I hope they don’t put him in the same bedroom with a mentally ill female. This is not acceptable.


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