Jodielynn Wiley (USA)


Jodielynn Wiley is on the left.

Jodielynn Wiley is a man who thinks he’s a woman. He is filing a complaint against the Dallas Salvation Army for its refusal to allow him and his penis to be housed with actual women in a homeless shelter.


Transgender woman files discrimination complaint against Dallas Salvation Army.

Shared Housing Project aims to address transgender homelessness in Dallas – Lone Star Q — Texas Statewide LGBT News Source _ Lone Star Q — Texas Statewide LGBT News Source.


2 thoughts on “Jodielynn Wiley (USA)

  1. Didn’t people learn anything from the incidents involving Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook as he stalked and sexually assaulted women at two different women’s shelters in Toronto? At the time he was terrorizing women at women’s shelters, he identified as transgender and called himself “Jessica”. Convicted sexual predator Hambrook stalked and sexually assaulted a deaf woman at a women’s shelter. Imagine the horror that this homeless deaf woman felt as she was harassed and assaulted by Hambrook.

    This is what “Jessica” Hambrook did to women while staying in dwomen’s shelters,

    “Hambrook made several unwanted sexual advances toward the woman over the next two or three days. He tried to isolate her in various rooms and she kept rebuffing him as she felt he was stalking her, court heard.

    Hambrook stopped her once, grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch. She yanked her hand away and said, “No.” Hambrook started talking about her breasts and invited her to touch his “fake breasts (he had none).” She became scared and had trouble sleeping as his room was across the hall.

    The next day while she was in the shower, she noticed he was peering through the gap between the door and its frame. Hambrook vanished as soon as he realized she spotted him, court heard.

    The second victim sought refuge at a Dundas St. W. shelter on Feb. 11, 2012, after suffering serious domestic abuse, court heard.

    She remained there two weeks. Hambrook — who told people he was a transgender woman — was admitted there at the same time and ended up being his victim’s roommate.

    Hambrook was sitting on a third-floor balcony, smoking a cigarette, when the victim went outside for a smoke. He invited her to sit beside him. When she did, he placed his hand on the bench so the woman would sit on it. She rose quickly, asking him what he was doing and he replied, “It’s a bum warmer. It’s also a boob warmer.” Troubled by his comments, she went inside.

    When the victim found Hambrook was one of her three roommates, she had trouble sleeping. On Feb. 12, she left the shelter, consumed some drugs and returned to sleep.

    Early on Feb. 13, she awoke to discover Hambrook standing behind her in his underwear, attempting to sexually assault her.

    The victim shouted at him, demanding to know what he was doing. Hambrook “simply covered his face with his hands, said “Oops!” and started giggling, according to Carbonneau.

    The woman reported the assault to police and Hambrook has been in custody since. His DNA was found on her nightwear.”

    This article states that Hambrook falsely claimed to be transgender. All males have to do is “identify as women”, and under most “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is essentially optional. When these incidents occurred, he claimed to be transgender and called himself “Jessica’. How else would Hambrook gain access to women’s shelters where he shared sleeping quarters and restrooms with women?

    Women in women’s shelters are often victims of domestic violence and abuse. Many of these women have a history of mental illness, violence, or substance abuse. I knew a woman with schizophrenia who lived on the streets for years. She said that she was attacked on the streets several times. To place these vulnerable women in danger is unconscionable.

    If they start letting every male who “identifies as a woman” into women’s shelters, sooner or later another incident similar to what happened with convicted sexual predator Hambrook will occur.

    Vulnerable women deserve personal safety and a sense of privacy. Many homeless women have experienced trauma in their fragile lives and have PTSD because of domestic violence or life on the streets. No one can prove that Mr. Wiley’s “gender identity” is more important than a homeless woman’s PTSD or right to safety and personal privacy.

    The article states,

    “But when an opportunity came up to place her in a two-year housing program with Salvation Army,
    she said she was told she didn’t qualify because she hasn’t had gender reassignment surgery.”

    In other words, Wiley was born male and still has male genitalia. He can’t understand why women don’t want to share a bedroom or a shower with him. He has no right to be housed with women. Place him in a segregated section of a men’s shelter, or give him his own room in a men’s shelter.

    Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook still had his male genitalia when he sexually assaulted homeless women in shelters. He shouldn’t have been allowed in women’s shelters and neither should Wiley.


  2. After reading this article again, it looks like Wiley found a place to live.

    “Luckily, Gaither’s recently launched Dallas Trans* Shared Housing Project helped find Wiley a
    place to stay in the area with another trans woman.”

    I’m glad that Wiley found a place to stay. So, why not just drop the complaint against the Salvation Army? He has to file a complaint against one of the oldest organizations that helps destitute and homeless people. The Salvation Army has helped thousands of homeless and poor people, and now they have to deal with selfish, self-centered transgender activists. I wonder who helped him file this discrimination complaint.

    The women who were stalked and emotionally traumatized by Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook need to file complaints because their civil and human rights were violated. Hambrook’s victims also need to sue for their emotional suffering.

    Perhaps this insanity will stop when women start suing them.


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