Sarah Brown @auntysarah (UK)

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Liberal Democrat councillor Sarah Brown denied he would illegally stockpile prescription drugs to give to transgender women who were unable to access them.

A complaint was lodged against Cllr Sarah Brown, the executive councillor for wellbeing, after an exchange on Twitter about the increasing difficulties faced by transgender women trying to access oestrogen.

Petersfield’s Cllr Brown, tweeting on his personal account, said he would start regularly skipping one in seven of the oestrogen pills he is prescribed to “build a stockpile”.

He added: “If lots of us do this, we can help those who can’t get oestrogen other ways.”

But giving a drug you are prescribed to someone else is illegal and, when approached by the News, Cllr Brown said he had been “thinking out loud” and advocated only urgent attention for the issue.  He said he might look to build a personal stockpile because he relies on the drug for his health.


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