Clayre Sessoms (Canada)


Clayre Sessoms is a man who identifies as a woman and who says the Canadian Blood Services turned him away because he is transgender. According to Sessoms, the incident occurred on Wednesday (May 14), when he went to the CBS clinic on Dunsmuir Street in downtown Vancouver. After Sessoms disclosed that he is transitioning from male to female and taking estrogen, the nurse screening him asked if she has undergone sex reassignment surgery (he hasn’t). Then the nurse left to consult with a supervisor. Upon the nurse’s return, Sessoms was told that he couldn’t give blood. Sessoms said the nurse confirmed both that the rejection was due to his gender identity and that CBS doesn’t have a policy on transgender donors.

Sessoms noted that CBS previously allowed him to donate blood in September 2013, before he began transitioning, and in November 2013, when he also disclosed that he was transitioning. CBS has a ban on donations from men who have had sex with men within the last five years, but Sessoms identifies as a married lesbian (he’s a straight man).

Transgender woman turned away by Canadian Blood Services in Vancouver _ Georgia Straight, Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly


2 thoughts on “Clayre Sessoms (Canada)

  1. I am woman with transgender medical history and I strongly disagree with quoted and original article hurting Ms.Sessoms integrity. Please stop this now! Cease and desist all points of:

    1. Misgendering Ms. Sessoms
    2. Written expressions of attack on her integrity.
    3. Questioning her gender.

    Ms. Sessoms is a person. She is in supervised medical gender transitioning process. This process is for many people who do experience gender dysphoria. I am not stipulating if she is diagnosed or not, merely suggesting situation what if she is. We don’t know what difficulties are in her life at the moment thanks to discrepancy of her gender assigned at birth with her true gender she is transitioning to (female). Question is , would you write in such a poisonous manner and disregarding her health if person is handicapped? Answer must be strong *NO*, your would not.

    I am asking you to rewrite and edit your article to correct gender pronoun corresponding to female (she, her, hers). I am asking to remove expressions questioning her integrity. I am asking to remove your statement “he is straight man”.

    On topic: We, transgender and transsexual women and women with medical trans history understand that Ms.Sessoms was not banned from donating blood, but just put on hold (deferred) for reason that there is no policy for transgender women in place. Whole case is developing and being addressed by involved party (CBS). Let’s wait and see what their side of story is. In any case this will not harm any other women, regardless of their orientation.

    Ms. Sessoms mentioned she is lesbian and also married. It is not relevant whether she is surgically confirmed or not at this point. Her statement was necessary to convince all parties that she is out of 5 year boundary ban on M to M, as she is aware of this limitation. It was only defense at the moment she could use. This statement of her’s did not posed any offense to gay community.

    I am stating that Ms. Sessoms may be deeply insulted by your assertions inflicting harm. Please correct your article to more civilized style.


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