‘Trans_ , An Anthology of Trans People and the Internet’ (Online)

CaptureTrans_ is allegedly the first anthology “to collect the voices and experiences of trans people speaking to how the Internet has impacted our lives and how (trans people) have impacted the Internet.”

Submissions are open to all trans writers. Submissions should be both by “trans, transfeminine, transmasculine, non-binary, genderqueer-identified, and/or folks who otherwise identify with a spectrum of gender nonconformity and address experiences of these communities.” The publishers “will not consider writing by non-trans people nor writing about the Internet by a trans person that doesn’t directly address trans or nonbinary folks).”

We encourage gender nonconforming radical feminists, none of whom are cis, to submit a proposal for this anthology. Suggested topics:

* How trans women harass women online;

* How the Internet has allowed transwomen to pretend to be Lesbians and gaslight an entire community into thinking they are Lesbians;

* How the Internet facilitates the dissemination of delusional beliefs like “penis is female.”

You can submit a proposal here.


One thought on “‘Trans_ , An Anthology of Trans People and the Internet’ (Online)

  1. Also how lesbians are taunted by transwomen online for their looks and the way they dress. This isn’t me; I’m a conventional looking woman and couldn’t pull off butch if I tried, but it makes me mad to see all this celebration of gender nonconformity for males while lesbians get the same tried-and-true harassment for not looking feminine. I’m thinking particularly about that awful critique of the picture of Brennan, Keith and Jeffreys that was floating around tumblr. Also that ageist cartoon by that “cis ally” that made fun of radfem appearance.


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