Calpernia Addams @calpernia @TRexstasy @RawStory (Online)

Men continue to talk about how women should view gender.

We like Calpernia’s analysis and are tired of homophobic straight men who now identify as lesbians in the Gay Community. We are also tired of anti-lesbian men like David Ferguson.

We especially like this from Calpernia:

There is palpable homophobia in the language of women like (ParkerMolloy when they sneeringly wield the term “drag queen” in an attempt to destroy someone’s identity. Coming from someone whose entire body of work is essentially about policing language, the hypocrisy is particularly staggering. And especially when it comes from people who’ve presumably lived most of their lives with the tacit approval and support of a society that viewed them as heterosexual, white men (however they truly were inside), this misplaced anti-gay language should receive the same level of criticism as something like RuPaul’s use of the words “she-male” and “tranny.” To me it’s worse, because I believe RuPaul’s error is simply the tone-deaf carelessness of someone who has lived through and shaped many eras of queer and gender culture. The “gimme that too!” victimization grab of women like Molloy comes from not having earned their place as “inside” cultural commentators yet.

Parker Marie Molloy’s Transphobic and Homophobic Slurs Don’t Matter, but Our Response Does _ Calpernia Addams.

Here are violent men Dave Taylor and Fergson talking about how a lesbian should be shot in the wake of the discussion of how straight people have taken over the GLBT Movement, followed by the predictable Dave Taylor meltdown because he is a lunatic.

Captures Captured Captur


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