Massachusetts (USA)

Massachusetts is the third state in the nation to cover transgender medical services, including gender reassignment surgery, as a standard benefit in its government health plan for lower-income and disabled people. The administration of Governor Deval Patrick also moved to prohibit private insurers from denying coverage for gender reassignment surgery or other treatments medically necessary for patients who are transgender, saying that would constitute sex discrimination.

The Patrick administration will strongly recommend similar reforms to the Group Insurance Commission, which provides coverage for thousands of state and municipal employees and their dependents. Only two other states — California and Vermont — have Medicaid programs guaranteeing treatment for gender dysphoria, a mental illness in which there is a pronounced difference between patients’ feelings about their gender and their physical sex characteristics.  People with gender dysphoria identify with stereotypes about the opposite sex.

Boston councilors to press for insurance coverage for city workers seeking gender reassignment surgery – Metro – The Boston Globe.

State to cover gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment for transgender patients – Metro – The Boston Globe.


One thought on “Massachusetts (USA)

  1. Wow, so low-income people can obtain a completely ridiculous & unnecessary chop-shop surgery on the government’s dime, but low-income people cannot receive extremely necessary dental work…even if their teeth are literally rotting out of their head.



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