The Homophobic Activism of Anonymous.

It’s only trans activists who dox. This is atrocious behavior. People are allowed to disagree with homophobic politics.


Yesterday I was doxxed. I received a tweet by @anon_redteam that listed my real name and informed me of what was to come. On their account they also listed a few other names that I don’t recognize.

At first I laughed it off. My real name isn’t really hard to find so I didn’t think too much of it. But still, the ill intent irked me. I inquired whether or not this brave social activist knew they were attacking lesbians and gay people, to which they responded with a yes, and to divert my accusation of homophobia (Attacking gay men and women for standing firm on same sex orientation is indeed a homophobic act.) they claimed to be a lesbian. However I have a few good reasons to doubt this.


Impersonating gay people to argue with gay people so that your opinion will have more perceived weight in the conversation…

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