Kylie Jack @ixKylie & Petticoat Fair @PetticoatFair (USA)


Kylie Jack is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He complained on his Facebook page that a Woman working at the store did not want to fit him for a bra because he is Male. Jack took great offense to this; predictably, Petticoat Fair has capitulated to Jack’s Internet outrage and indicates that it will, in fact, require its female employees to service males seeking a bra.

Trans activists regularly overlook the imposition on the rights of Women being asked to provide intimate  “service” to Males (and vice versa); for example, in one instance, a transgender woman who works at the Transportation Security Administration is now permitted to pat down female passengers.

Women have a right not to be forced to touch Males in intimate settings. Requiring that Women engage with Males in intimate or sex-segregated settings raises significant public policy concerns for Women that are routinely overlooked by trans activists, who instead favor the right of a Man to be fitted for a bra.

We look forward to Women employees asserting Title VII sex discrimination claims for, among other things, their employer’s creation of a hostile work environment.

Texas Bra Shop Humiliates Trans Woman, Despite ‘Inclusive Policy’.


2 thoughts on “Kylie Jack @ixKylie & Petticoat Fair @PetticoatFair (USA)

  1. This is ridiculous and I am SICK of these BULLYS.

    The owner seems to have bent over backward to accommodate trannys (when they stop referring to me as cis, fish, bitch etc., I’ll stop referring to them as trannys, until then…).

    Society isn’t obliged to participate in their sexual fetishes or delusions.
    I won’t accept them in Women Only Spaces.
    I won’t accept their notion of “identifying” as a Woman is the same thing as being one.

    I am sick of their temper tantrums, greedy lawsuits, threats and collective efforts to ruin good people.


  2. For posting the comment above on the Petticoat Fair page, I received a 24 hour ban from Facebook and the comment was deleted.

    The rape threats from the trannys weren’t.


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