Natalia Verne @nataliaverne and (Australia)


Natalia Verne is a Man who “identifies as” a Woman. He has started a petition to ask Twitter to suspend @GIDWatch for posting radical feminist critiques of transgenderism and highlighting and exposing abusive Men like him.

Petition _ Remove the Twitter Account @GIDWatch _ Change.

who is violent.



One thought on “Natalia Verne @nataliaverne and (Australia)

  1. It always amazes me how a group and a community in this case the transgender community or most in it, claim to be silenced, bullied and judged. Yet they are no different by what they are doing to others who don’t agree with them by bullying, trying to silence and judging another group who has the same right to voice their opinion and beliefs. This seems to be their MO, and as a member of the trans community, I too have felt the wrath because I don’t agree with many of the things they are doing and I call them out on it. I have been blocked, comments removed, banned from face book on several occasion due to these mean spirited trans individuals who feel threatened by my voice and report my words. We can’t expect the world to see us as we want to be seen, we can’t force ourselves into spaces we are not welcomed. We need to be compassionate and gentle with others, if we expect that in return. We cannot demand the world to give us things, we cannot show hostility towards others because they use wrong pronouns, and are still holding on to our past. Life is a journey, some will never see, some it will take time, but in the end all the matters is true happiness and if transitioning made someone happy, why are they being so hateful towards others and still showing signs of bitterness and anger? I don’t understand my community one bit.


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