Women’s Aid @womensAid (UK)


Women’s Aid is the first UK charity working to end violence against women and children.  In recognition of the harm done to women and children by men, Women’s Aid has correctly identified certain key employment positions as appropriate for women only. Women’s Aid is well within its rights to do this under UK law. Specifically, a counsellor working with victims of rape might have to be a woman and not a transsexual person, even if the person has a Gender Recognition Certificate, in order to avoid causing them further distress. Women’s Aid actually employs men who identify as women if they have a GRC, apparently.

Predictably, abusive transwomen “activists,” led by disgraced politician Sarah Brown and “sex worker” Christopher Makin, have denounced Women’s Aid as transphobic for Women’s Aid’s concern for victims of male violence. Brown and Makin would rather victims of rape and violence be subjected to further harm by being forced to interact with men who identify as women. They mirror the actions of Kim Nixon, a man who identifies as a woman who sued Vancouver Rape Relief over VRR’s stated desire to ensure that victims of male violence do not have to interact with males.

Women’s Aid released a document clarifying their policy. Their policy bends over backwards to cater to men, and it still is being criticised.

Why Women’s Aid is no safe haven for trans staff _ Gay Star News.


Disgraced politician Sarah Brown, who is not fit to work with Women because he is a misogynist

Disgraced politician Sarah Brown, who is not fit to work with Women because he is a misogynist


4 thoughts on “Women’s Aid @womensAid (UK)

    • No, it doesn’t. Our “argument” is that Mr. Brown is an abusive man. Mr. Brown is, in fact, demonstrably an abusive man. As such, women would like Mr Brown to not (1) speak for Women and (2) occupy women-only space.


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