Wren Kauffman (Canada)


The Canadian province of Alberta ruled that requiring gender reassignment surgery before amending the sex listed on a birth certificate violates the rights of transgender citizens.  This echoes an April statement made by Premier David Hancock, who said the surgery requirement will be dropped.

The decision followed a human rights complaint filed by Wren Kauffman, a 12-year-old transgender boy. Though listed as “female” at birth, Kaufmann, who identifies as male, said this was “stressful.” In April, an Alberta, Canada judge struck down sections of a provincial law requiring proof of surgery before a transgender person’s birth certificate can be changed to accurately reflect their sex.

Alberta gives new birth certificate to 12-year-old boy who was born a girl _ Globalnews.


6 thoughts on “Wren Kauffman (Canada)

  1. Why is the province of Alberta involved in a form of sex selection? If this child was born female, she will always be female.


  2. WHAT CAN I SAY? GREAT P.R. BY TRANSGENDER ADVOCATES. They do know how to work the media.

    A 12 YEAR OLD FEMALE CHILD SHOULD NOT HAVE THE “RIGHT” TO CHANGE HER SEX ON HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE. BIRTH CERTIFICATES SHOULD REFLECT REALITY. Like so many other “transgender” poster children, she was paraded in front of cameras, swooned over, etc. She knows why she is getting all the attention. What happens if this 12 year old girl decides that she isn’t a “boy” after all? After all the fuss and attention at being a media trans poster child, how easy is it going to be to tell her mom, “Mom, I don’t think I’m a boy anymore”.

    It’s going to be very confusing for this female child when she starts puberty. How will everyone explain puberty to this female child? For all we know, she could already be on GnRH agonists (puberty suppression). If the GnRH agonists are followed by cross gender hormones at age 16, this child is infertile. Sterilizing children is often viewed as a human rights abuse. If she isn’t on the GnRH agonists, her developing female body is going to be a surprise for adolescent boys who might end up in a locker room or shower with her.

    “Wren Kauffman was presented with the new document on Sunday in Edmonton during a Pride festival brunch hosted by the city’s mayor. The province’s culture minister, Heather Klimchuk, made the presentation.

    A spokesperson for the minister says the new certificate simply has a “M” instead of an “F.”

    Kauffman had filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission over the inability to change the sex on his birth certificate”.

    This is a new age form of child abuse, and secretly people know it.

    “Alberta law states that transgender persons must have reassignment surgery before they can change the sex ontheir birth certificates, but Premier Dave Hancock said in April that the surgery requirement will be dropped. Wren, who was born a girl, had said it was stressful being listed as female.

    A week after Hancock made the announcement, a judge ruled that the Alberta law dealing with birth certificates violates the rights of transgender people. Ontario revised its law following a human rights tribunal ruling in 2012 that declared it discriminatory to require an actual sex-change operation for a transgender woman who wanted to switch to female from male on her birth


    I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”


    It didn’t take long for women to respond. An excellent response to this article entitled, “Trans rights trump women’s rights” was posted online.

    Transgender man’s ogling behaviour unacceptable, Jan. 4

    “Ontarians accept that it is a challenging life for people with transgendered identities, which is why providing a reasonable alternative via the use of separate unisex bathrooms or change rooms seems to be a reasonable course of action to assist such individuals. Why is this reasonable and simple accommodation not enough for the minuscule minority of transgendered individuals among the millions of Ontarians?

    Our “decision-makers” at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal have decided for all Ontarians that it’s not enough for a trans person to view himself as the opposite sex — the whole world must be forced to share his subjective view, too.

    The new transgender bathroom policy has affirmed that the vast majority of Ontarian women and men are not entitled to the protection of the Human Rights Code as much as transsexuals are. What about the feelings, discomfort, and safety of the millions of girls and women in Ontario who are now forced to undress in the same change room with a pre-operation phenotypic male, who may claim to be transsexual? (***does this sound familiar)

    Do our rights get trumped because an individual subjectively “feels” female even though he may still have a penis, and be more than happy to show it off? Did the OHRT consult Ontarians regarding their decision?

    I am concerned that sexually predatory men will take advantage of the new bill by claiming they are transsexual in order to freely access any women’s washroom in the province. The guaranteed consequences of this bill are that many girls and women will definitely be victimized as a result.

    Mr. Gallinger’s article suggests that this is already happening — hardly a surprise — and the trend will likely increase because there are no legal consequences for any predatory individuals who behave in this way. A predator banned from one facility simply has to go down the road to another.

    Mr. Gallinger bemoans the predatory behaviour that one poor woman was forced to endure, while actively supporting a system that allows such predatory behaviour to flourish. Far more women than trans people stand to feel invaded and helpless by such behaviour as there are likely far more sexually predatory individuals out there than transgendered people — predatory individuals who will be delighted to put on a dress (or not even that) in order to access women’s bathrooms and change rooms under the guise of being self-identified as “transgendered.”

    Although a transgendered person may feel s/he has the “right” to be in a women’s change room, what about the feelings of the phenotypic females who may not wish a phenotypic male to be in that washroom?

    We women are entitled to the protection of the Human Rights Code, just like anyone else. Exactly how many transsexual people are there for whom we are risking the safety and security of our roughly 6.8 million girls and women?”

    Daniela Caruso, Toronto



  3. How can a 12 year old child change her sex on a birth certificate? Didn’t the parents do it for her? Children can’t take out bank loans or sign legal documents.


  4. This confuses me because I don’t see how a 12 year old child could do this on his or her own.

    Can any 12 year old child request that his or her birth certificate be changed? If so, what do the proper authorities base it on? This assumes: (1.) The 12 year old child isn’t going to change his or her mind in the future even when there are studies that show that many children outgrow it. (2.) Children understand the full ramifications of what they are doing.

    The title of the article contradicts itself. The title states, “Alberta gives new birth certificate to 12 year old boy who was born a girl”. The title says this child was born a girl. How can being born female be undone? In reality, we know it’s not possible. There is nothing in this article that says that this female child has an intersex medical condition.

    I’m also curious as to whether or not Wren is on GnRH agonists (puberty suppression). When this 12 year old girl starts puberty, she will start developing as a female, but the parents are already calling this child “he”. What are the parents going to tell this girl? Will they say, “Boys menstruate too?”? How will a developing female body be perceived in a locker room full of adolescent males? The parents and the p.c. whipped media can play this elaborate fantasy game all they want, but this is the reality. If the GnRH agonists are followed by cross gender hormones, this female child is infertile. We are talking about sterilizing children which is often viewed as a human rights abuse.

    Part of this female child’s humanity is being stripped away. She has a right to know that she is female, and she has the right to be told the truth. At 12 years of age, I seriously doubt if she knows what she wants, and no one can predict how this 12 year old child will feel when she is 20 or 30 years of age.


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