Robert Oscar Lopez @barbwirecom @glaad (USA)


Robert Oscar Lopez is a Men’s Rights Activist who is using posts on this blog about males who “identify” as Women censoring actual Women as evidence of something he calls  “homofascism.” What Lopez and other MRAs continually ignore is that they and transwomen activists are both Men’s Rights Activists who seek to maintain the continued subordination of Women and Girls. Traditional MRAs affirm the continued subordination of Women by naturalizing the “role” of “Woman” as servant and broodmare to “Man.” Similarly, transwomen activists support the continued subordination of Women by peddling an ideology that there are “ways of being” that correspond to biological sex and that the ” feminine gender role” so beloved by Traditional MRAs is innate.

Traditional MRAs and transwomen activists are the same people. It’s just that one of them wears makeup and “women’s clothing.”

Gender Identity Watch is pro-Women and pro-gay. Transgenderism is neither.



One thought on “Robert Oscar Lopez @barbwirecom @glaad (USA)

  1. It’s not “homofacism”. It’s misogyny and the silencing of women. It’s the same old same old, except some of the males wear skirts, most of them still have their penis though.

    Transwomen (biological males who “transition”) would never threaten males the way they threaten females. There are consequences for verbally abusing and threatening men.


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