Shawn Shannon Quinnones (USA)


jdhjdhShawn Shannon “Nicole” Quinnones is a man who identifies as a woman. He is currently serving a prison sentence for a string of robberies he committed while dressed as a woman in 1997. While incarcerated, Quinnones, who is HIV-positive, spit on a corrections officer, for which he received an additional 8-year term.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections recently filed suit in Centre County court for an injunction allowing Benner state prison personnel to forcibly provide medical services to Quinnones, 40, who has decided to stop eating. On Friday, Judge Pamela A. Ruest upheld her temporary injunction after a hearing in which Quinnones testified that his hunger strike was a protest of his treatment at the prison as a transgender individual.



One thought on “Shawn Shannon Quinnones (USA)

  1. Well, if you have a criminal past, elect to exercise it during your incarceration to the point of committing a(nother) assault, and have a death wish to boot………Have at it.

    NO institution of any kind should be held hostage by someone who wants to seriously buck the system and can’t get control over their own lives because of it.

    And that photo……that is one angry specimen of humanity!


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