Trudy Kitzmiller & Kristen Skinner (USA)

Trudy Kitzmiller

Trudy Kitzmiller

Kristen Skinner

Kristen Skinner

Trudy Kitzmiller & Kristen Skinner are men who identify as women. They recently attempted to have their driver’s license photographs taken at the west Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, but were told they could not get their photographs taken while “dressed as women.”

“Dressed as a woman” is a meaningless statement in that one only understands what being “dressed as a woman” means by understanding sex stereotypes. We support the right of men to be photographed “dressed as women.”

Interestingly, the Transgender Legal Defense Fund – which represents the duo – believes that calling men who identify as women “men” is defamation. As truth is an absolute defense to defamation, one can conclude that the TLDEF believes that calling a male person a man is false if the man says he is a woman.


TLDEF_ TLDEF Calls Upon West Virginia DMV to Allow Two Transgender Women to Take Driver’s License Photos as Their True Selves and Without Harassment.


One thought on “Trudy Kitzmiller & Kristen Skinner (USA)

  1. I could care less what they wear when they get their photos taken for their driver’s license.

    “She brought with her court documents verifying her name change and documents from her doctors stating that was she under their care as part of her gender transition.”

    Males can dress however they want, but they can’t change their sex. It’s a scientific fact that human beings can’t really change their sex.


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