Andy Bowen @andymbowen @GSEquality (USA)

Bowen GSE file photo

Andy Bowen is a man who identifies as a woman. Bowen was recently named executive director of New Jersey’s statewide GLBT rights group, Garden State Equality. Prior to this position, Bowen worked in the District of Columbia to ensure the destruction of women-only space.  Specifically, Bowen targeted a homelss shelter that provided refuge for vulnerable women because the shelter did not house male-bodied transwomen. Bowen reflects the mindset of many transgender activists to discount and ignore the concerns of women who do not want to share sex-segregated space with males. Such forced inclusion often results in sexual assault of actual women by the men who identify as women, as demonstrated by the Christopher Hambrook and Paris Green cases.

Transgender activist Bowen named executive director of Garden State Equality _ Politicker NJ.

D.C. Shelter Accused of Rejecting Trans Women.

DC shelter accused of rejecting trans women.


2 thoughts on “Andy Bowen @andymbowen @GSEquality (USA)

  1. This outrageous me, and I can’t find the words to express how much this deeply saddens me. Many homeless women have PTSD because of past sexual abuse or domestic violence. These women are very vulnerable and fragile. How can anyone prove that a biological males “gender identity” is more important than PTSD in women? One in six women have been raped or sexually assaulted. The rates of PTSD among homeless women has to be high.

    A shelter for homeless women located three blocks from the U.S. Capitol is violating the D.C. Human Rights Act by refusing to admit transgender women unless they provide “documentation” of a legal name change or gender reassignment surgery, according to separate complaints against the facility by two transgender women.

    “An unidentified female employee at the shelter asked Washington, “Are you a woman or
    a man,” the lawsuit says. “Ms. Washington replied, ‘I’m a transgender woman.’ The
    employee then asked Ms. Washington if she had any documentation, to which Ms Washington replied that she did not.” (CHRISTOPHER, “JESSICA”, HAMBROOK HAD NO DOCUMENTATION EITHER, AND WE KNOW HOW THIS TURNED OUT)

    “The respondent stated that I would need to provide proof of a sex change,” Bowen said
    in her complaint with the OHR. “When I asked what would constitute proof, respondent
    answered that I would need to furnish documents of a name change or proof of surgery.”

    I hope Hambrook’s victims sue the province for enabling a sexual predator to assault vulnerable homeless women.

    Apparently, all males have to do is show up at the front door of the women’s shelter and say they are transgender. Ladies, ignore the penis.


  2. GLBT are really gay men and transgender, and as it stands now, it’s all about transgender. In essence, it’s still a boy’s club, and this is why all women (straight, bisexual, lesbian) should stop supporting GLBT organizations. Without the women’s vote, the Democrats can’t win, and they know it. So goes the Democrats, so goes the entire GLBT.

    Women need to form our own political party separate from Republicans, Democrats, and GLBT. Call it something like Women and Families where women and children come first. If they want our vote (50% of population), they have to earn it.


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