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Robert Jensen is a pro-feminist man who wrote an article critical of gender.  Because of this, Monkey Wrench Books, a collective, decided to cut all ties with Jensen. In this age of witch and book burning, it is heresy to state that humans are sexually dimorphic and gender is oppressive.

Gender and Sexual Diversity _ Dissident Voice.

Comments on Jensen.

Smash the Cistem_ a Note on Bob Jensen.


8 thoughts on “Robert Jensen @jensenrobertw & MonkeyWrench Books @MonkeyWrenchATX (USA)

  1. Robert Jensen is a man of enormous compassion and integrity. This is why Gail Dines lists him as a resource on her website.


  2. Jensen’s article also appeared in Counterpunch which is a left-leaning, anti-war, environmental website. Counterpunch is fiercely independent, and I don’t think they were too pleased when transgender activists viciously went after Derrick Jensen (no relation to Robert that I’m aware of). Derrick Jensen is an environmentalist, and has never said anything about transgender identified persons.

    Jensen is a man who has always been far ahead of everyone else on issues that actually matter to people. Robert Jensen was way ahead of everyone else on the Bush administration’s illegal war in Iraq. He knew what was at stake. As for me, I was out on the streets with my anti-war sign in February 2003.

    He has the integrity to say that there are ethical issues involved in sterilizing children with GnRH agonists (puberty suppression) and cross gender hormones. This makes some people uncomfortable.


  3. “People of color, transgender people, and gender non-conforming people experienced the highest
    rates of homicide in 2012.”

    They don’t cite their sources, and the careful reader will notice that they include people of color and “gender non-conforming people” (could be anyone) in with transgender identified people. It’s utter nonsense, but we are supposed to be impressed.


  4. “Some Basic Propositions About Sex, Gender and Patriarchy” by ROBERT JENSEN

    People should read this and judge for themselves, but they don’t want independent thought or analysis. It’s a modern version of a witch hunt/book burning campaign because they are afraid of people who can’t be silenced. Jensen is spot on when he states, “Transgender practices involving children that are questionable on public health grounds (such as the use of puberty blockers) raise serious moral questions about our collective obligation for children’s welfare.”


  5. “The recent article by Robert Jensen, “Some Basic Propositions about Sex, Gender, and Patriarchy,” espouses concepts that both reflect and perpetuate cissexism and transphobia.”

    People should read the article and judge for themselves, but they don’t want people using any critical thinking skills.

    “Discussions of anti-transgender prejudice, often amongst individuals never directly impacted, are
    replete with misunderstanding and misused or ill-defined concepts and terminology. For clarification, I’ll attempt to break down some of the relevant terminology in a nutshell:

    “Cissexual (or cisgender) refers to possessing a self-identity congruent with one’s birth assigned sex and gender.

    Broadly, people who are not trans* are cisgender. (I’m not “cisgender” anything. I know I’m a female)”

    As to “misunderstanding and misused or ill-defined concepts and terminology”, the word “cissexual” assumes that females automatically adhere to sex based stereotypes of what society says is proper “femininity”. Enforced femininity is something that women voluntarily choose.

    Women have these terms thrust upon us all the while we secretly see it as utter nonsense.

    I knew that eventually they would get around to shamelessly co-opting intersex people.

    “Nature presents us with a variety of sex spectrums. For those unfamiliar with such variations, here is a snippet” (they shamelessly allude to intersex all the while they know that transgender and intersex are two different things)

    There is no such thing as “a variety of sex spectrum” in any primate species. The human species is male, female, and rare disorders of sexual development. Disorders of sexual development (intersex) is NOT the same thing as transgender, and every major intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender. Disorders of sexual development (intersex) are rare genetic condition whereas transgender is for all practical purposes a culturally defined term/psychological diagnosis. Before they “transition” (surgery and hormones), the vast majority of transgender identified persons are physically no different than anyone else. Indeed, many MTFs and even FTMs are biological parents whereas intersex people are often infertile. People would be amazed to know how many MTFs have children, and FTM Thomas Beatie gave birth to three children after she legally changed her sex to male.

    “While Jensen pays lip service to the existence of individuals who are intersex, he immediately invalidates their lives with these statements — both of which are riddled with flaws and have very concerning implications. Should an intersex person who can breastfeed and bear children be forced to identify as female? Is an intersex person who can’t, inherently male? Is a woman who has entered menopause or had a mastectomy in some way less female? Is that really all there is to being female – the ability to bear and breastfeed children? Are cisgender men who can
    lactate female? What about transgender men who have the ability to bear and breastfeed children (e.g. Matt Rice and Thomas Beatie)? Such examples illustrate the absurdity of attempting to fit everyone – intersex and/or (cis/trans)sexual – into false sex and socially constructed gender dichotomies”

    This rather ignorant person INTENTIONALLY conflates intersex and transgender as if they are one and the same. FTM Thomas Beatie is A BIOLOGICAL FEMALE, and she deliberately kept her female reproductive system so that she could give birth to three babies. This was AFTER she legally changed her sex to male. This sentence itself shows how disingenuous they are,

    “Such examples illustrate the absurdity of attempting to fit everyone – intersex and/or (cis/trans)sexual – into false sex and socially constructed gender dichotomies”

    PLEASE, stop co-opting intersex people. Does the presence of rare disorders of sexual development mean that sexual reproduction doesn’t exist in all primates and virtually all mammals? No, because even rare intersex conditions are a result of sexual reproduction.

    Based on this flawed delineating criteria, Jensen concludes, “Therefore, human communities have always, and will always, recognize two distinct sex categories, male and female. There has always been, and always will be, some sex-role differentiation in human communities.” (Jensen is right)

    WTF does this sentence mean,

    “To impose the false sex and gender dichotomies prevalent in the United States on to the rest of the world, and throughout the history of human communities, is incredibly ethnocentric.”

    It would be more accurate to state that transgender activists who shamelessly co-opt intersex and Native persons and tribes (white Christian men saying they are “two spirit” for example) is disgraceful.


  6. Resources
    In this misogynistic culture that we live in, how many men speak out against pornography? I think this is one of the most courageous and noble things a man can do. He cares deeply about women’s issues and the violence being done to women.

    Gail Dines website:

    Resources on Pornography, Pop Culture and the Sex Industry

    Recommended Books

    Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity by Robert Jensen

    Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality by Gail Dines, Robert Jensen and Ann Russo

    Professor Jensen’s works appear at the left leaning anti-war website

    Professor Jensen’s books can be found at places like


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