Robyn Jane Sheppard @RobynJaneNY (USA)

Bowen GSE file photo

Robyn Jane Sheppard is a man who identifies as a woman. He has written a book detailing his transition called “The Unpaved Road.” He also maintains a blog where he speculates that lesbian feminists have an analysis that centers actual women because they have issues with their sexuality. This is a common tactic by Men’s Rights Activists. Rather than engage with the subject matter, such MRAs call women “crazy,” “sexually frustrated,” or “closeted transmen.” Sheppard demonstrates a lack of understanding of a lesbian feminist or radical feminist analysis, which acknowledges that although women are oppressed based on our biological sex, such biological sex does not determine who we are or who we should be as people.


Radical Feminism _ The Butterfly Emerges.


2 thoughts on “Robyn Jane Sheppard @RobynJaneNY (USA)

  1. He seems to have suggested towards the end there that CB may not be a real human being….or any of us females who know lesbian doesn’t include male parts.

    These dudes are so sick.


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