Frank Spisak (USA)

Ohio executed a one-time neo-Nazi who shot to death two men and a teen more than a quarter century ago on the campus of Cleveland State University in a shooting spree that targeted blacks. Spisak, 59, set the Ohio record for the longest time on death row before execution, at more than 27 years. Spisak blamed the 1982 shootings on his hatred of gays, blacks and Jews and on his mental illness related to confusion about his sexual identity.  Frank was the son of a factory worker in Cleveland, Ohio, who moved home because too many blacks had moved into the area. He had childhood fantasies of being a woman.  He married at 22, and they had one daughter.

At 25 he suffered a head injury in a car accident. In 1977, he started dressing as female. As Frankie Ann, Spisak received treatment from the Gender Dysphoria clinic at Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital, lived as female full-time, changed his ID, saw a psychologist and started taking female hormones. He was also saving for surgery. He was fired from his factory job after turning up as female. Frankie Ann found employment with a maker of eyeglasses until found not to be a woman. He tried prostitution until charged with solicitation, and briefly worked as a Kelly Girl temp. When he brought a trans woman home for sex, her wife and daughter moved out.

Frank Spisak Clemency.

Ohio executes transgender, one-time neo-Nazi who killed three in shooting spree that targeted blacks _ Steve Rothaus’ Gay South Florida.



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