Zachary Antolak/Zinnia Jones @ZJemptv (USA)

Zachary Antolak is a man who identifies as a woman named Zinnia Jones. He is starting an Internet show called “Gender Analysis” where he says he will talk about transgender topics.  Zinnia is a heterosexual man who wrote an anti-gay screed against  two transsexual women who had the temerity to point out how abusive the Transgender Movement has become.

Zack also posts photos of his penis on his Tumblr, calling it his “girlcock.”


3 thoughts on “Zachary Antolak/Zinnia Jones @ZJemptv (USA)

  1. Girlcock? Gross.

    In a somewhat similar vein, thought I’d bring this latest pretendbian to GIW’s attention:
    Straight guy (with a beard!) lists his ID as a butch lesbian woman (and by doing so, automatically gains access to viewing all the accounts of lesbian and bisexual women who have checked that “I don’t want to be seen by straight people box” to avoid fetishizers like him)… but OKCupid can’t take his profile down because FEELINGS.

    He came up as a potential match in my supposedly woman-only results and I wanted to hurl. Just… Ick.


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