About Gender Identity Watch

Gender Identity Watch is a blog devoted to tracking legislation and case law that attempts to codify “gender identity” into law and to override protections based on sex.  Contributors to Gender Identity Watch are lawyers who apply a radical feminist analysis to gender, but who also are aware of the compromise that comes from interaction with legislatures and the courts.

If you want to become a contributing writer to Gender Identity Watch, please leave a comment with your contact details.

40 thoughts on “About Gender Identity Watch

      • I am Christina from above, I just started a WordPress account to respond properly, as well as for my own nefarious purposes.

        There are quite a few things about this link that trouble me. First of which is this statement:

        “In addition to compromising rational sex-based protections for females, “gender identity’ legislation incorporates stereotypical ideas of ‘what is female’ into law.”

        If gender identity legislation incorporates stereotypical ideas of “what is female” into law, it does the same for males. As that is the case, this type of legislation to me says that “Yes, there are societal ideas of gender norms, but those should not matter when it comes to people who live out those norms our oppose those norms on whatever basis they want to or on no basis at all.” Furthermore, I am not interested in being a “stereotypical” woman. I am interested in simply being me. Being a woman is a part of that. I am a mother, I listen to Satanic death metal, I work out at the Y regularly, I’d be a soldier if given half a chance (not to mention the fact that I already was), I’m studying for a paramedic certification, I tend to place functionality before vanity, and my clothing choices range from soft-butch to kinda femme. These are not things that (I think), that are “stereotypical female”, and because I present myself in certain ways or engage in certain behaviors does not mean that I think all women or all females should be just like me. If other transwomen whine about things like that, they’re idiots (just to refrain from beating around the bush).

        “Specifically, the proliferation of legislation designed to protect ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ undermines legal protections for females vis-à-vis sex segregated spaces, such as female-only clubs, public restrooms, public showers, and other spaces designated as ‘female only.’ Females require sex-segregated facilities for a number of reasons, chief among them the documented frequency of male sexual violence against females and the uniquely female consequence of unwanted impregnation resulting from this relatively common form of violence. Public policy, therefore, rationally permits sex segregation in certain settings where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists.”

        It seems that the author here is relating the sexual violence perpetrated by males to the idea that transwomen in female-only spaces will commit those same types of aggressive acts. Are there any cases where this has happened? Furthermore, are you going to them take that a step further and say that transmen, who thanks to hormone therapy have the secondary sex characteristics and muscle mass of the average cis-male, should be allowed in female-only spaces? They may well have presenting female anatomy as well as similar physiology relating to that anatomy, but they are far more capable of committing acts of sexual violence than transwomen are (what with our lack of upper body strength and non-functioning or non-existent male parts).

        “Further, because Title 11 only permits discrimination in sex-segregated facilities based on sex, a person asserting gender identity as a basis to avoid “discrimination” must be permitted to use the rest room or bath house of their chosen “gender identity” – without regard to any action taken on the part of that individual to change their physiology to “become female” (i.e., sex reassignment surgery.)”

        The grammar Nazi in me is screaming about the placement of that last period… but let’s not detract from the topic at hand.


      • Right. And they are fuckin’ weirdos, and hopefully have been put on trial, and punished appropriately for their crimes. And since we’ve passed the name-calling barrier, I supposed that the “fuck” barrier was okay to cross, too. At any rate, you are lumping trans*people in with sick-o perverts! I saw in the comments a mention of a person in Australia getting transition costs taken care of on the taxpayers dime (which I don’t support at all given his crimes), but even then, you have to take into account the fact that WE (by “we”, I mean the average, sane trans person) HATE IT WHEN MEN ATTACK WOMEN IN ALL INSTANCES! Rather than understanding that some people are actually trans, you are putting us all in a category, and saying that all of us are like the crossdressers talked about in the second link you provided. Also, these are FETISHISTIC CROSSDRESSERS! They get off on playing dress-up and doing stupid shit! They do it because they want to see women engage in the same behaviors that they engage in! It’s misogynistic at it’s very core, and it’s perverted, and you better believe that I would kick someone’s ass for doing that shit in front of my children or while I was in the bathroom with them had I found out (I’ve got unarmed combat training)!

        So, now that the bitchy part of my response is out of the way, would you support legislation that respects the rights of actual trans individuals who are actually trans? As in, someone in the process of undergoing psychological and physiological treatment (hormone therapy) to basically feel comfortable in their own skin? It takes a lot more than putting on a wig to be trans. And, honestly, if I had my way (which I generally don’t), I’d say that people actually have to be on hormones and living their gender before they would be allowed to make use of women-only spaces.

        All that being said: people don’t know I’m trans unless I tell them. How do you think I would fare if I used the men’s restroom? Or the men’s locker room? And for women in my same position who don’t look the part: do you think they fit in men’s spaces any better than you would?z

        Finally, you set up a straw-woman argument. That is a logical fallacy.


      • They are “fucking weirdos” that can avail themselves of the definition of “gender identity” being pushed by the GLBT organizations.

        Please don’t say “bitchy” on this site, or any other misogynistic slur, or I will ban you.

        Being on hormones and “living in your gender” doesn’t make you female. The definition of gender identity I support is a compromise. I don’t think trans people should face irrational discrimination. I also don’t think you can actually change your sex.

        This might answer some of your other questions: http://genderidentitywatch.com/gender-identity-legislation-and-the-erosion-of-sex-based-legal-protections-for-females/


      • First, I want to apologize for the slur. It was uncalled for. I was being… uncouth.

        Your link about the men who dressed as women don’t fall anywhere near the category of “trans”. They are very, VERY disordered individuals. Most of them are voyeurs who use “feminine” attire to gain access to female-only spaces for the purpose of playing the peeping Tom. Only two of them were actually trans in the sense that they felt a need to transition, and very few others were would’ve have crossdressed otherwise. However, that doesn’t abstain them from their crimes. Not by a long shot. And as I said in the comments, I hope they all had the book thrown at them. Further more it is not indicative of prevalence, and it is anecdotal evidence taken to an extreme. I’m not meaning to say that it doesn’t matter, but I am meaning to say that you’re going to have to do a lot better than that if you want to prove that trans people on a massive scale simply transition to enter female-only spaces for the purpose of harming females.

        And that brings me to another point: language. It seems like in some cases RadFems are perfectly okay saying all kinds of derogatory things about all trans people based on the info posted in the “ladies’ room” link… unless they are trying to get trans people to agree with them. Then, it seems, and only then, you and your RadFem friends will start saying semi-decent things about us, albeit it begrudgingly.

        I guess what I’m really trying to say is: “I’m not sorry about my dick. Why are you sorry? I mean, it’s just there. I hope it’s not their ten years from now, but for right now, it is what it is. It doesn’t mean that I am an oppressor, or that I’m in support of oppression. It doesn’t mean that I support violence against anyone. The only time violence is called for in my life is when someone presents an imminent threat my family, not including myself.” I guess that’s where we disagree. Radfems see anyone born with a penis as an oppressor, and anyone born with a vagina who doesn’t agree 100% with your dogma (that’s what it is, because it certainly isn’t anything based in reality) is too stupid to notice their own oppression. Yes, things suck for females. Things suck for everyone who’s not rich, white, Christian, and male. For example, members of the Tea Party are taking part in their own oppression. Females who disagree with you and other RadFems are not. The worst part about it is… I don’t dress and act “feminine” most of the time by American societal standards. I go to the gym and lift weights. My favorite genre of music is death metal (Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Chimera… and I know Metallica isn’t death metal, but they’re one of my favorites, too). I’m studying for a paramedic certification. Sure, I like to do my make-up sometimes, but I only end up doing it on very rare occasions. Even then, I don’t do it because I think it’s what “real women” do. I do it because I like to. Women are just women. Men are just men. Sometimes, women have dicks. Other times, men have pussies. If you take people by their parts rather than their individual identities, aren’t you being as sexist as the patriarchy you claim to fight?


      • Please read the definition of “gender identity” promulgated by NGLTF and other organizations and specify precisely how those men do not “fit under that definition.” Otherwise, your wishes that those people “don’t fit” are just that – wishes.


      • I looked for the definition “promulgated” by the NGLTF. I found a PDF file published on their website that stated the following: “‘Gender identity’ refers to a person’s internal, deeply felt sense of being either male or female, or something other or in between. Because gender identity is internal and personally defined, it is not visible to others. In contrast, a person’s ‘gender expression’ is external and socially perceived. Gender expression refers to all of the external characteristics and behaviors that are socially defined as either masculine or feminine, such as dress, mannerisms, speech patterns and social interactions”

        It goes on to say a lot of other things, but here is the link: http://www.thetaskforce.org/downloads/reports/reports/TransgenderEquality.pdf

        If there is another definition that you know of that you are referring to, please find a documented source for it that isn’t a radical feminist related website. It’s not to say that I don’t believe you, it’s more to say I like hearing things from the horses’ collective mouths.

        Under the above definition of gender identity, the vast majority of the perpetrators of the crimes in the “ladies’ room” link do not fall. Furthermore, if there are already violent males entering the female-only spaces without males who play dress-up (as is suggested by the fact that that blog post is the “transgender edition” leading one to believe that their might be a “garden-variety male asshole edition” or some such), why are we putting those who play dress-up under the same category as the people who fit the above definition of gender identity who don’t commit these heinous crimes? Furthermore, this is the definition that is supported by many people in the social and behavioral sciences. The medical field also recognizes anatomical and physiological anomalies that make a person present as something other than simply “male” or “female”. Furthermore, there was a study done that showed a link between a trans identity and having a limbic system in the brain that matched the identity they expressed. And I am willing to bet that those behavioral and social science people would say the same things I am saying about voyeurism in relation to these people that I am… only in a more professional manner. Honestly, like I said, they need to be tried, and when found guilty, they need to have the book thrown at them. I’d add to that that they need psychiatric treatment while they are incarcerated, so that they don’t come out even more aggressive than they were when they got caught.


      • Okay, so we’re back at the UN link again. Obviously, the alphabet soup Task Force doesn’t agree with that definition, so why are we worried about what they’re “promulgating” (hey, that’s kind of a fun word… “praaaah-mullll-gayyyy-ting”)? It’s obvious to me that rather than reading my posts, you’re just skimming through looking for something with which to set up a straw-tranny. I believe I explained my position quite clearly. They’re using my struggle (20 years of confusion and 12 years hating myself as a male once I hit puberty, and still I’m told by RadFems that I’m not a “real” woman), and the struggles of other transfolk for their own twisted games. They wouldn’t crossdress otherwise, they don’t have gender identity confusion of any sort, and they wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on if there were protections in place for ACTUAL trans people. Therefore, legislation such as this will NOT protect them, and it probably won’t increase or decrease the problem. It’s just like the guns issue: just because guns are outlawed doesn’t mean that outlaws won’t be armed. You blame and punish the psychos who shoot people without punishing those who own weapons who are otherwise law-abiding citizens.


      • I have to commend you, Brennan. Every other post I have ever made on an RadFem affiliated site didn’t even make it past moderation. You were brave, though! You actually discussed things (somewhat) without dropping the banhammer. So, while I don’t agree with you completely, I don’t totally dislike you for being a very mean person to trans people. While you and other RadFems have said some nasty things about us, you let me have my say, and for that I respect you.

        Take care of yourself. I truly mean that.


    • I don’t believe I implied that anyone owed me anything. I was thanking you for not automatically giving me the shove and banhammer because I was MAAB who is critical of radical feminists who are anti-trans (I’m sure there are a few out there who don’t share your views on trans people, even if they don’t speak them publicly). However, I will say that, from what I have seen, radical feminists aren’t very good at philosophy… and some understanding of quantum mechanics may help your movement. Before I posted here, in your universe, there are an infinite number of forms that the matter that makes up the form who types to you now could have held. However, those forms solidified into the form that is typing to you now when you read the first comment. This world isn’t as small and scary as you think it is. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I don’t agree with you, but I wish you well in your endeavors.


  1. I apologise for being a late contributor to this post, however I feel that as someone with the perspective/experience required to address certain (sometimes unnoticed) issues of importance and fallacies asserted by some (as truths) due to their assumption of the ignorance or misinformation of others, that maybe my comment will be seen as valuable enough for inclusion.

    “It seems that the author here is relating the sexual violence perpetrated by males to the idea that transwomen in female-only spaces will commit those same types of aggressive acts. Are there any cases where this has happened? Furthermore, are you going to them take that a step further and say that transmen, who thanks to hormone therapy have the secondary sex characteristics and muscle mass of the average cis-male, should be allowed in female-only spaces? They may well have presenting female anatomy as well as similar physiology relating to that anatomy, but they are far more capable of committing acts of sexual violence than transwomen are (what with our lack of upper body strength and non-functioning or non-existent male parts).”-lovehearty42

    Is it important to anyone that even when I had the best testosterone suppressing drugs and oestrogen levels through the roof, my “male parts” were NOT non-existent and non-functioning enough to prevent me from sexually violating a person with female genitalia (even if I had been inclined to). I would not have been able to impregnate them, but does that make things OK? (I certainly don’t think so).

    Further, regarding upper body strength, am I confused or was it the same commenter who stated later in the comment thread:

    “and you better believe that I would kick someone’s ass for doing that shit in front of my children or while I was in the bathroom with them had I found out (I’ve got unarmed combat training)!”

    Alas, it’s probably NOT important to anyone meaningful, however, it is here for anyone looking to inform themselves in order to decide where to align themself on these issues.

    Sex is between the legs and despite what people may think, SEX not “gender” is also in the brain (please look up the original definition of “gender”). A female brain (that is; one that is quite simply, wired to use a vagina, nothing to do with clothes or make up or any of the other “gender” BS) cannot survive indefinitely with a penis.

    to say:

    “I’m not sorry about my dick. Why are you sorry? I mean, it’s just there. I hope it’s not their ten years from now, but for right now, it is what it is….”

    Shows true ignorance! however I’ve come to expect nothing less (from anybody…. at all….. EVER!)

    Sorry for the “rant”, I hope this makes the “moderation” cut but I understand if it doesn’t


  2. Transgender activism is WOMEN RIGHTS and feminist at the core. I appreciate that you are wasting time on such non-issues as people’s birth names, old gender identities, but in the end you are just promoting misogyny at the core. Men have taught you the same precepts for so long that you cannot now tell the difference between someone who is natal female and one who has grown into a woman. One may not have been a girl, but yes they grew into a woman.
    To separate and define ‘sex’ is not really in your place. God decided to make all humans, not just two genders that are so neatly wrapped into the framework of the limited human mind. Try as you may, your initiative is cursed to fail, and do you know why? Most likely because you are perpetuating STEREOTYPES (a word used over&over&over in your propaganda). Was this not taught in the same public schools where a child cannot pray in public? We are mothers, sisters, daughters, and placeholders in society, and it is honestly not YOUR job to come along and try to derail a train that has been running since the dawn of time. We still have hungry children, homeless youth, and domestic violence at an ALL TIME HIGH.

    Find an issue and use your power to promote something, and do not use transgender people as an easy target. Take some control of your thoughts and put your power into good use. Your time is sincerely wasted on such non-issues. Your twitter is sickening and your work is hard yet vomit-inducing. I implore you to reconsider your angle and to stop before the entire community will serve to only embarrass you, for how many people do you truly know advocate such blatant hate. You have no right to deny anyones existence, or to call someone a ‘man’ because you were born the same way I was: a squirming, puking, pooping infant with no installation of concept and coherent thought.


  3. I am female, and I understand and support legislation protecting female people. My best friend is constantly cat called on the street, men come up to her all the time and hit on her, despite saying she isn’t interested, and despite being highly qualified for many jobs, because she is a woman she hasn’t been able to find a good job. A few years ago, she was raped. Repeatedly. By a man. A trans man. She is a trans woman. However, because of hateful rhetoric like the stuff you spew here, safe spaces for this survivor are blocked. How can you possibly justify the barring of an actual survivor from getting access to needed services? How as a female person, who I know has been silenced by men before, be unable to open up and listen to another person’s lived experience? White women must listen to women of color, straight women to queer women. Trans women’s bodies are scrutinized and critiqued under the same system that my body, as a female person, is. I know this, because I have witnessed it happen. If you are not going to listen to trans women, at least listen to me, another female person discussing THEIR lived experience.


  4. I have a question, you guys seem very worried about allowing trans women into women only spaces, because you are worried about the safety of the women in spaces, you document some cases were cross-dressing men and/or trans women did something in the woman restroom of a criminal nature, like peeping theft and assault. now If I found some case of lesbians committing similar crimes, lets start with peeping on other women in the change room or bathroom, how about if I got some cases of lesbians sexually assaulting women in bathrooms, these things do happen, not every lesbian is a good person. So my question is would these isolated cases be a valid reason to create bathroom and change room space based on sexual origination and if you are discovered to be a lesbian in the straight girls bathroom you can be arrested for it?

    If not why is this appropriate to do to trans women?

    Also why do trans women need to take all the risk and a much higher risk I might add, to be forces to use the men room while appearing female, this draws a lot of attention and makes them a target in a room full of men. trans women are far more likely to be the victim of assault then your average woman is as well, so why is it ok to put them in great danger by going into the mens room dressed as a woman, when the far less risky situation for all is to have them use the ladies room, since the vast majority of trans women pose no threat to the other women in the washroom?

    Lastly I am just wondering do you think that post op trans women should be allowed to use the ladies room or should they also be sent to the men’s room?


  5. Do you speak for the origination gender identity watch and do your comments reflect their views? or are you just another commenter, because I am not here to argue, I was just wondering what the organizations response would be.


  6. Well GIW certainly is an interesting entity. It may or may not be what could be officially described as a hate group but the presence and promotion of hate clearly oozes from its every pore.

    To me the interesting point to consider is if hate did not exist would GIW exist at all?


  7. The belief you mention is not the issue and good to debate, it is how this site takes that discussion forward that is the concern.

    We see this all the time in the UK with the immigration issue for example. There are legitimate questions but there is no point in looking to the fascists for a reasoned position. They shoot from the hip, using a mix of bile and vitriol that makes a toxic brew.


    • Yes. Men have always been very concerned with how women speak about our oppression. You want us to do it in ways that don’t upset you.

      Also, don’t comment here again, Mr. Racist. I have no interest in hearing from someone who thinks there are “legitimate questions” about immigration.


  8. OMG! When I use the restroom it is because I NEED to use the restroom! I do not go there to look at anything other than relief! I have never been in a woman’s room that is not private with doors! Can no longer go into a Men’s room because it freaks them out to have a woman there! went out the other night with three ladies and I got hit on by the guys! We all enjoyed the night!


  9. I see lots and lots of comments about transwomen, but is there any information that a transman could use from this site? It’s really difficult to find information for myself as to resources or legal information for TS males, and was wondering if there were any resources on this site that would be useful to me.


  10. The only thing that is different about male and females of any species is the biological reproductive system. The ideas and roles attached to those are a social creation that is ingrained into us through our socialisation and it does harm. What it is that makes you feel you are a man? If you feel as though you are a person without a womb and ovaries, it doesn;t change the fat you have them. If I felt I was a frog and wore a frog costume I would still not be a frog. It’s just a biological physical reality and cannot be changed. And why does it matter what reproductive system you have? What does it have to do with who you are in any way? You can dress and be whoever you are, regardless of your sex organs.


  11. Please be respectful? You be you! Stop trying to put us back into the 1500″s! Please stop discrimination toward anyone! Let me be me and you be you! Once we reach our age limit we all will be the same anyway! It is not worth hating!


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