Beatie v. Beatie (USA)

Thomas Beatie

An Arizona Appeals Court ruled that the marriage of Thomas Beatie and Nancy J. Beatie was valid and could be dissolved by divorce. A previous court had ruled that Beatie, who is female, was legally female because he had not been sterilized and because he had given birth to the couple’s children, and therefore held their marriage was invalid because of Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Beatie v. Beatie.

University of Vermont (USA)

The University of Vermont established an online database to allow transgender students to list their “preferred name and/or pronoun.” The service lets transgender students choose from the pronouns “none (nothing listed), she, ze, and he,” as well as “prefer name only,” apparently for students who are offended by the idea of pronouns entirely. Students can also indicate if they prefer to be called by a name other than their birth name.

In an interview with Vermont Public Radio, 2014 graduate Lindsay Whittaker said the school was not doing enough because sometimes transgender students were still called the wrong pronouns. Other students have complained that the term “preferred gender” is in itself offensive.

“The student who brought it to my attention said, ‘It’s not my preferred gender, it’s my gender,’” LGBTQA Center Director Dot Braur told VPR. “This isn’t about what color socks I like.”

Students Say UVM Residential Life Could Be More Trans-Friendly _ Vermont Public Radio.

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James Wolfe (USA)

1James Wolfe is a man who identifies as a woman convicted of raping an 8-year-old girl, He sued the state of Pennsylvania for treatment for his transsexualism while incarcerated.  The state settled and provided him hormones.

TNUKdigest (An International Transgender News Service) – Yahoo Groups.

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Wolfe v. Beard.

Brandon v. County of Richardson (USA)


Teena Brandon was a lesbian with gender dysphoria who was raped when two men discovered she was female. Brandon filed a police report with the County of Richardson, Nebraska, and was subjected to a degrading and humiliating interrogation.  Further, the police failed to protect Brandon, who was subsequently murdered.  Her mother then sued the county and Charles B. Laux, the sheriff who interrogated Brandon, for the suffering Brandon endured.

From the court decision (GRAPHIC CONTENT): Continue reading

Toth v. Schwarzenegger (USA)

R.C. Toth aka Angela Brandywine was a transgender woman prisoner who was housed at Pleasant Valley State Prison (“PVSP”) from March 8, 2007 to September 20, 2009.  Toth was “housed at PVSP from March 8, 2007 to September 20, 2009. During her time as PVSP,  she was subjected to a homophonic/transphobic environment and an atmosphere unsympathetic to transgendered (“TG”) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Questionable (“LGBTQ”) prisoners. She was constantly faced with humiliation, unnecessary force, segregation placement, false reports, seizures, loss of property, cell searches, and assaults by other inmates.”   Toth claimed to have incurred injuries as a result of this abuse and filed an 8th Amendment lawsuit.  The court dismissed the lawsuit.

Toth v. Schwarzenegger.